Unearned Bounty

Unearned Bounty is an action-packed free-for-all multiplayer game by Estrokold Games where you battle to become the most infamous pirate on the high seas

Localized into 13 languages: French, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (LA), Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, and Korean


Localization notes:

The game is small and not text-heavy, so it was mostly UI strings that needed localization. The client provided us with community translations which were already used in the game at the time but had many issues, particularly too long strings.

We also had a demo build of the game kindly provided by the client which greatly streamlined the process.

The trickiest part was to produce concise translations that do not overflow once in the game, so as to avoid localization testing.

We localized all strings from scratch but used fan translations to validate the length of the strings (if it didn’t fit in fan translation, it had to be shorter in our version). The project lead did a quick QA check for all languages, referencing the demo and screenshots, and had translators provide shorter translations where necessary.