spanish translator

Juan Guillermo Beiner

Specialized in Video Games & IT

Native Language: Spanish (Chile, Latin American)
Localizes from English, German
Lives in Chile

About Me

I am a professional translator with a huge passion for both video games and languages since my childhood. Therefore, I know localizing a video game is much more than just translating between languages, as it requires knowing the expectations of a demanding target audience and being committed to delivering no less than an outstanding final product.


Videogames: RPG, MMORPG, Strategy, Puzzle, MOBA, Adventure, Casino/Gambling, Mobile

IT: Manuals and Guides (Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage), Product Brochures


LocJam Video Game Localization Contest 2016:

Winner in the Pro Category

Localization of The Hotel of Madness (an indie game)

“Excellent translation skills and overall style. Everything was perfectly clear, easy to read and free from grammar or spelling mistakes. Awesome job!”

—Juror comments

LocJam Video Game Localization Contest 2015:

Winner in the Pro Category

Localization of Grandpa (an indie game)

“The tone and style is really good. It reads fluently and natural. The images descriptions are translated, and the overall quality is very good. It was tough to declare a winner since there were two entries we liked quite a lot, but we had to make a decision. Congratulations on your entry!”

—Juror comments

LocJam Video Game Localization Contest 2014:

Raffle Winner in the Pro Category

Localization of The Republia Times (an indie game)


“We have worked with Juan on a few projects now, and it is always a pleasure to collaborate with him, as the quality of the translations are consistently excellent and always delivered on time.”

—R2 Games
“Often it takes a bit of time to get used to how each party operates but Juan was so easy to work with right from the start. He always keeps in touch during projects and never misses a deadline. And, of course, the quality of his translations is excellent too.”

—Blue South Translations


Team projects

Shooty Troops – The Endless Arcade Shooter (a mobile game) – localizer
Tilted – A Tale of Refraction (a mobile game) – localizer
Unearned Bounty (multiplayer naval combat game) – localizer
Yesterday (a puzzle game) – localizer


Email: [email protected]