russian game localizer

Igor Kozlov

Video Game and App localizer

Native language: Russian
Localizes from English


Welcome! You’re probably looking for a professional English to Russian translator to help you with an App or Game localization. And you do not simply want some generic “IT sphere translator” but a narrow specialist (preferably a keen gamer and apps user) who knows the sphere from the inside and understands that the lack of impeccable consistency will ruin the user experience irreversibly, and that without quick request processing the updates and news couldn’t be delivered to users in a timely manner.

So let me introduce myself. I’m a certified native speaking English to Russian translation and localization specialist with a 7+ year professional experience and 20+ year gaming experience.

How I can help you:

Mobile apps/games: UI, in-app text, game lore, app description localization

Video games: UI, in-game text, voice-over localization

Websites: News, articles, announcements, marketing texts

2016 highlights:

Over 700 jobs completed

Over 600 000 words translated

Happy clients from 8 countries around the world

3 Major MMORPG and MOBA titles fully localized

Over 120 mobile games and apps partially or fully translated

Average request processing time: < 30 minutes

I will make sure that every Russian speaking user can enjoy the world of your game or app in its entirety and that it will become an important part of his life so he will return to it day after day

Team projects:

Tilted – A Tale of Refraction (a mobile game) – localizer



Email: [email protected]