Thiago Araujo

Your Go-To Video Game Localizer
for RPGs, point and click, and adventure games

Language: Portuguese (Brazil)
Country: Brazil


My favorite/usual projects are usually RPG, point and click and adventure games, but quite often some with humor and puns.
I’d say I love dialogues and I’m very good at keeping them very natural in Portuguese.
Comic or story-driven games with lots of dialogues work like charm for me, especially with a fantasy twist.
So, fighting, MMORPGs, MOBA, and anything RPG (real-time, tower defense), warfare, and fantasy games.
Although I’ve participated as proofreader for Arma 3‘s newest update (Apex) and been updating some of the texts for a soccer management game, I’m not really into shooting or soccer games.

Some sample projects:

Shovel Knight, Killer Instinct
Translated “Best Practices for Game Localization” by IGDA

Team projects:

Pavilion (a fourth-person adventure game for PS4) – proofreader
Avatar Musik (a video game) – localizer