Łukasz Piwko

Creative Website, Software & Game Localizer

Native language: Polish
Home country: Poland
MBA in English Philology, specialization: translating specialist texts from English into Polish
What makes my translations excellent: I have a lot of practical experience in my specialty fields


I have a lot of practical programming experience, so I will localize everything which is connected with computer technologies, computer hardware and IT generally.

My working areas include documentations, electronic devices, electronics, technical manuals, user guides, articles, white papers, case studies, user interfaces for software and apps, websites, AdWords campaigns, press releases, newsletters etc.

I’m also an experienced proofreader with an eye for detail.


I’ve translated over 80 books about computer programming, electronics, operating systems and other highly-specialist computer technologies. I’ve also localized many apps, technical documentations, technical manuals, websites, games etc.

Clients I have worked with:

I’ve done translations for most of the top companies in the world, like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Symantec, Rolls-Royce, ABBYY, Toyota, Samsung, LG etc.

Contact: [email protected]