Ophélie Tesseur

Native language: French

Country: France

Skills: Localization tester


Professional and passionate game tester and competitive gamer, entrepreneur in IT security
with over 15 years’ experience in computer science.
Based in France, specialized in game testing, computer database’s, security and optimization.
I’m here to simplify your life.
My native language is French, but I speak English (I lived in Los Angeles and went to school there).
All my life, I have studied and practiced computer science and computer games (my father and grandfather have a business in computer science). I also have a degree in economics and did two years in tourism school. In addition, I have the TOEIC.
To test games and apps, I have two computers with AMD Radeon, Intel Core i7… I also have an Xperia z3 and a Samsung tab.
I’m creating a business in IT security. I’m also creating a site for it.