Team As A Service

Whether you need your startup’s web app localized

Your ICO’s platform localized & optimized for high ranking

Or your video game or chatbot taught new languages

Indie localizers, testers, developers, and SEOs will walk you through

Localization Facts

Our specialist, on-demand team will

Put the local in localization

A well-localized website copy is a converting copy. A well-localized app or game gets better reviews.
Each one of us is a culture-savvy native speaker who’ll teach your product how to speak like a local.

Have a culturally-fluent product

When done right, a localized app generally performs better in stores than it’s non-localized version (Smashing Magazine)

More visitors with SEO

Google finds 3 out of 4 people are more likely to visit local stores after finding them in search results (Google)

Help clients discover you

Your website might be the main means of onboarding new customers, your apps or games compete with thousands of others in stores.

Our experienced SEOs who are specialized in their respective countries will ensure your website or creation follows best SEO practices, ranks well on SERPs & in stores, and is easily discoverable.


Main Services

We’ll localize your

Website or Store

Converting website localization, optimized for local search engines, and done by a specialist team:

Localization with free platform use

Web startups, creative, marketing, IT, travel, professional

Online stores: Retail, fashion, electronics, digital products

Best keywords in localizations based on an SEO research

Help with site structuring

Live in-context review

Video Game

You’ve just found your allies:

Like you, we love games; the only difference—you develop them, and we localize.

Game localizers on our team are gamers who’s been localizing professionally for years. In localization games, we are both on the winning end:

Localizers experienced in your game genre

RPG, puzzle, fantasy, adventure, educational, simulation, sports, strategy

Specialist app store optimization

Playtesting and localization testing


You’ve developed an app and want your sweat and tears pay off.

In that case, you need specialized app localizers, who know the pitfalls to watch for when localizing UIs—not just translators.

In our careers, we’ve successfully localized a plethora of apps:

Localization with free platform use

Translation of product documentation, ads, knowledgebse

Specialist app store optimization

Localization testing


Writing a script is a craftwork, so is translating it. You’ll need creative localizers who know the specifics.

We actually wrote a guide on bot localization & i18n, crafting localizable scripts, retaining the bot’s personality, team building, and more:

See our guide

Script and UI localization with platform use

Translation of product documentation, ads, knowledgebse

Specialist app store optimization

Localization testing

and provide

Website & App Store SEO

In the world of social media and search engines, localization alone won’t cut it. We’ve partnered with SEOs specializing in their respective markets who will:

Research keywords for local search engines or stores

Optimize the URL structure for best ranking

Implement title tags and hreflang/meta tags

Optimize app or game meta data

Localization Testing

Before seeing the world, each localized UI needs to be tested against any misplaced text, missing strings or characters, and other bugs, this is what our app and video game testers are here for:

Live review of your newly-localized websites

On-device testing of your game or app

iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

Technical Assistance

We know localization involves quite technical things. We’ve partnered with experienced developers who are ready to help you with:

Extracting localizable content

Structuring your multilingual website for best ranking

Publishing localized files

Choosing languages and content for localization

and ensure the whole experience

is stress-free for both you & us



Comprehensive TaaS

Together with our devs and SEOs, we are a comprehensive localization solution:

  • Self-organized & self-managed team
  • Advanced localization platform
  • Internal project management
  • Team-wide collaboration

Direct collaboration, in your language

Talk to your team in your native language and without the middlemen via your favorite channel (email, Skype, Slack, Discord, Workplace, HipChat)

Discounts when you come back

Upon your request, we store your localizations in Translation Memories. You get discounts on repetitions when you come back

Quality & right style

Ideally, every job gets carefully reviewed by another pair of eyes. If you’re on a budget, we’ll do only translation (Indie Plan). We can develop a glossary or style guide—the key to consistency

No broken messages

Imagine having your hand-picked localization team that you or your devs can talk to directly. Easily communicate to us your needs and vision

Taking you everywhere your clients are

We have right specialists to translate your marketing/legal pages, product docs, white papers, email campaigns, and ads so that you can reach your audience more comprehensively


Have Your Own Trusted Localization Team.

Transparency and trust are a core framework for Indie Localizers.

We think it’s cool that you can see our qualifications and only then hand over your project.

Pick Indie Localizers

Or leave this to us

See supported workflows, advice on localization preparation, and file types