Working With Us Is Simple & Flexible

Being an agile team, we’ll integrate with your current workflow



Kick off a project with us in one of the following ways

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    Free Access To Our Platform

    We invite you to our platform, no sign-up required

    Collaborate, comment, track progress, TMs, glossaries, and more

    If you’re a dev, integrate your repos via the API

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    Invite Us To Your CMS

    We can work in your CMS or dev engine:

    WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, Webflow, Squarespace, Unity, others

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    Upload Or Send Files

    Bulk upload files of any format to our cloud, share them with our team

    Send files via the chat, or an old-fashioned way, by email

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    Invite Us To Your Platform

    If you’re paying for a localization platform or

    hosting your own, invite us to your project

The actual workflow depends on the features you’ve chosen


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    Discussing & Familiarizing

    We’ll listen to your vision and discuss such details as tone or adaptation of product names or game characters

    If it’s a game, we’ll spend some time playing it and reading wikis, watching playthroughs etc.

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    Glossary & Style Guides

    Premium feature

    Having a glossary and style guide ensures that all your present localizations

    and future updates are consistent across languages and locales

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    Pre-Localization Testing

    Premium feature

    Uploading pseudo-translation (with dummy text) to your website, app, or game

    to test the UI and detect bugs and problems early

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    SEO Research & Structuring

    Premium feature

    Researching best-ranking keywords in local search engines

    to be used in localizations, URLs, meta data, and tags

    Structuring your new websites


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    Indie Localizers Do Their Magic

    You may want to sit back,

    although, we advise staying in touch and

    collaborating with us to achieve the best results


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    Testing & Final Edits

    Our Business plan includes an in-context review and testing

    of your localized website or beta by culture-savvy testers


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    Publish Localizations

    Your newly localized product is ready to see the world

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    Future Updates

    We are available to localize any future updates

    We use Translation Memories which means you don’t pay twice


Supported file types

  • Localization Formats .xliff/.xlf/.xlif/.ppf
  • GNU GetText .po
  • Adobe Photoshop .psd
  • Adobe Illustrator .ai
  • Webpage .html/.hmt/.sht
  • Android Strings .xml/.plist
  • iOS and OS X .strings
  • InDesign .indd/.inx/.idml
  • MS Visio .vsx/.vsdx
  • Wordfast Files .txml
  • Subtitles .srt
  • Adobe .pdf
  • MS Word .doc/x
  • MS Excel .xls/x
  • PowerPoint .ppt/.pptx/.sldx/.potx/.ppsx
  • Comma Separated .csv/.tsv
  • Help Files .hmxp
  • Spreadsheets .sht
  • memoQ .mqxlz/.mqxliff
  • Termbase .tbx
  • SDL Project .sdlppx
  • SDL Trados TagEditor .ttx
  • OpenOffice .odt/.ott/others
  • Translation Memory .tmx/.tmz.gz
  • MS Help Workshop .hhc/.hhk
  • STAR Transit Project .pxf/.ppf
  • Text/Configuration .txt/.ini/.reg/.inf
  • MS .NET Resourse Files .resx/.resw
  • Java .properties
  • Regex Text Filter
  • Chrome .json
  • YAML, Ruby, & Python .yml/.py
  • More file formats supported

* Subject to the chosen workflow


Our wishes as your localizers.

They are few

Plan For Localization

Create your content with future localization in mind. Extract it into a supported file format. If you’re a developer, we expect that you coded for localization and your code is internationalized.

We Need Context

Localization without context is much like guesswork. If you’re a business owner, apart from the brief, you may provide us screenshots or reference links. If you’re a dev, include descriptions in your code, screenshots, character limitations, or if possible, send us your beta.

Be Available & Collaborate

Throughout the project, it’s important to stay in touch with us in case we need to clarify on dubious strings or ambiguous sentences or provide more context.


Have Your Own Trusted Localization Team.

Transparency and trust are a core framework for Indie Localizers.

We think it’s cool that you can see our qualifications and only then hand over your project.

Pick Indie Localizers

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