Masaharu Hayataki

Marketing translator and copywriter

Native language: Japanese
Translates from English
Other skills: Copywriting, marketing, management


Enter the Japanese market with a freelance Japanese online marketing specialist and translator for SMEs and start-ups.
My name is Masaharu Hayataki and I am here to help you enter the Japanese market and develop your business in Japan.
I am part of a team of specialists of translation, design, law, human resource, copywriting, marketing, PPC, analytics, SEO, and coding.
I am not the best in any field. But if a copywriting skill at an agency is 10, I am 9 or 8, but I am 9 or 8 at marketing, PPC, design, analytics, copywriting, and translation. My service quality is 80% of agencies and my service price is less than 20% of them.



Email: [email protected]