Kaush Rasto

Web & Game Localizer & Developer

Language: Japanese
Localizes from English
Country: Japan
Skills: Localization, Programming, SEO


I am native Japanese living in Hiroshima with 8+ years of Japanese/English translation experience.
Currently, I am working as a translation consultant for Automotive OEM’s (Mazda, Honda, Denso etc.) on a retainer basis.
Apart from that, I work extensively as a freelancer where I translate games, websites, and blog content.
RPG’s, Casino and Betting games (Battleright, Bet365, VeraJohn etc.) are my specialties.
I am good at understanding the game characters and localizing it to Japanese or English speaking audience.
I have decent programming experience, so I can interface directly with game devs.
Plus I am experienced with most of crowd-source translation platforms (Crowdin, PhraseApp, Transifex, others), so there is a good chance that I already have experience with tools you use.

Team projects:
Tilted – A Tale of Refraction (a mobile game) – proofreader
Pavilion (a fourth-person adventure game for PS4) – proofreader


Email: [email protected]