Japanese game translator

Ayano Murofushi-Arno

Native in Japanese
Currently living in the UK
Specialized in Video Games


My main specialisation is video game localisation. I have a strong background in games – in fact, I had been a game producer at one of the biggest game publishers in the business (the one famous for the blue hedgehog!) even before I came to be a translator. This means that I am able to look at localisation projects not only from the point of view of a translator but also from the point of view of the client (developer/publisher).

In the 7 years since I started out as a localizer, I have translated all kinds of game related materials including in-game text, marketing text, scripts and game design documents, and have worked on countless titles.

I also localise non-game apps and software for Mac.

Other areas I have experience in include: subtitling for TV, journalism (magazine articles), and marketing (online retail/fashion).

The most important thing for me when translating is that my translations read/sound as though they have been written originally in Japanese. It is a challenge, in fact I’d go as far as to say that it is the biggest challenge of my job, however it is precisely what makes this job so rewarding and addictive at the same time!

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