Giuseppe Fusco

Video Game and Software Tester

Native country: Italy



I’ve been in the world of amateur localization since 2008, both as a translator and a tester.


Currently, I’m a student at the IT Faculty of the University of Naples Federico II, where I’ve collaborated as a tester and developer with the PRISCA research lab for the development of a multiplayer video game.


In the past 2-3 years, I’ve participated in various beta testing sessions for Early Access games on Steam (like Project Nimbus), several indie projects and software products.


I consider myself an expert of RPG games and fantasy worlds, with a very large knowledge of their terms and structures.
Recently, I’ve founded my indie software house, the 7th Trigger Studio, where I work also as a debugger.


I also have experience with:

Web design, programming languages, Unity, Android Studio, development of intuitive UIs


Email: [email protected]