Giulia Cresti

Native Language: Italian
Localizes from English
Home Country: Italy
Specialized in: Localization & Beta-Testing
Other skills: Video Game Localization (backup localizer)


Localization testing experience:


I’ve done localization testing of The Silent Age (I  was also the official Italian localizer) and beta-tested various apps and video games.
I have experience in app/game development and its mechanics (I was part of a team with the developer Dario Zampini, where I had the role of graphic designer, text writer, and localizer).
Solid skills in graphic design, 3d modeling, and some animation (use of AutoCAD 2D, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Toon Boom Animate Pro, Rhinoceros 3D+Vray).


Sample past localization projects:,, articles for
Video games: The Silent Age
Apps: Rubbish!, CINEMaster, Gigglymals, UonMap, Baby Name Together, and others

Team projects:

Tilted – A Tale of Refraction (a mobile game) – localizer
Unearned Bounty (a multiplayer naval combat game) – localizer
Smash Hit Plunder (a VR game) – localizer