Jasmine Uryas

Languages: English and Spanish into Italian (native)
Country: Italy and the UK
Experience: 4+ years translating, transcreating, and localizing


Website Localization: Hotel and Tourism, IT companies, creative and marketing

Video Games: casual, casino, adventure, strategy, sports, and various mobile games

I’m the official translator for GIMO mainly localizing casino games for iSoftBet

Web/mobile apps

SEO Keyword Research

Sample past projects:

Marketing Campaign for Amazon (FBA), Advertisement Jingles for Danone, Viagogo website, Mastercard Priceless Cities, Algida…

Team projects:

Pavilion (a fourth-person adventure game for PS4) – proofreader
Smash Hit Plunder (video game) – proofreader
EXMO.com (website) – localizer

LinkedIn Twitter

Email: [email protected]