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Alberto Gilli

Native language: Italian
Localizes from English, French
Native country: Italy
Specialized in Video Game/Website Localization, Marketing & IT Translation
Other skills: Localization testing, Copywriting


I’ve been a Localization Tester/Translator/Editor since 2008.
My main field is video games localization and I’m specialized in RPGs, MMORPGs and MOBAs (e.g. Vainglory website news translation).

I worked as a tester for Activision Blizzard in Ireland and for main vendors and as a freelance translator

In addition, I translate quality content for the following fields:

Marketing, media, websites, IT, finance/economy, e-commerce product descriptions, food and oenology, electronic goods, football, tennis, music

Copywriting skills.

Team projects:

Tilted – A Tale of Refraction (a mobile game) – proofreader


Email: [email protected]