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Philipp Dukatz

Crafting high-quality content that converts

Native language: German
Localizes from English

Focusing on:
IT & Software, Marketing & Advertising, Tourism & Travel, Banking & Finance


Hi, my name is Philipp. I am a German translator (member of STIBC and ATA), copywriter, and digital marketing specialist. I have a passion for all things tech and love helping innovative companies succeed in the German market.

With an extensive background in marketing, working for ad agencies as well as multinational corporations, I routinely understand the requirements of brand and product marketing and how to convert this knowledge into compelling copy that converts.

I will localize your:
Websites, Apps, Marketing Collateral, Whitepapers, Business Documents, B2C/B2B-Communication, Blogs, and Social Media Content

I localized content for:
Uber, Hootsuite, Jive, Yext, GoPro, Rackspace, Nikon, Samsung, Billabong, Tourism Philippines, and many more


To succeed in a competitive marketplace, your content must be in line with the target culture and audience – it is always about the message! My goal is to craft that message for you.

Team projects:
Pavilion (a fourth-person adventure game for PS4) – localizer (+ keywords SEO)

Skype: Philipp C. Dukatz
Email: [email protected]