Stefan Hofmeister

Native language: German
Localizes from English and Japanese to German
Originally from Germany, lives in Montevideo, Uruguay
14 years of experience

I’m specialized in:

Video game (and Manga/Anime) localization


Platform, Shooter, Survival, MMORPG, Action RPG, RTS, RTT, Tower defense, Sport games, Casual games and many more


Major video game publishers and developers as well as major translation companies specialized in video games

As a professional translator for English-German and Japanese-German I translated (as of July 2013):

– more than 150 comic strips (manga) & some online published works, in total more than 20,000 pages and about one and a half million words of Japanese-German
– more than 150 sequels of cartoon film, movies, documentary reports etc., Japanese-German (including subtitling)
– more than 1,500,000 words of video games (English-German)

Team projects: (website) – localizer
Smash Hit Plunder (game) – localizer

Proz profile
Email: [email protected]