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Louis Tarpin

Language: French
Native country: France
Localizes from English, Italian
Specialized in: Video Game, Website, App Localization
Team role: Twitter admin


Hi there! I’m an English and Italian to French translator and geek

holding a Master of Arts in Translation graduate (Switzerland).

As much as possible, I like to stick to games that I play (or would play).

This includes RTSs, RPGs, and, of course, lots of “small” indie games.

The best part? All of the creative work with game dialogues.

In fact, I even worked on the literary aspects of video game localization for my Master’s thesis.

But I also localize websites! My favorites are NGOs websites, but I’m open to everything.

I love feeling like my work is being useful to as many people as possible.

In every aspect of my work, only one thing counts: To offer the player or the customer the best experience.

Team projects:
Proofreading: Pavilion, a fourth-person adventure game for PS4

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Email: [email protected]