french game localizer

Jean Nicolet

Specializing in Video Games
Native in French
Localizes from English, Portuguese
Degree in Linguistics and Finance


I have been working in game translation since 2012, but I have been a gamer for much longer… From what I recall, my grandfather taught me how to read using a game!

As I grew up, I got drawn to video games, especially those involving tactical thinking or fast-paced action: platformers, beat’em ups, FPSs, tactical RPGs, etc.

Today, as a player, I enjoy mature games — no, not those ones! 😉  — that define new experiences or have something to say beyond the fun. As a translator, I am always glad to work on games with challenging dialogues, full of humor and thoughtful content.

My goal: help to make good games that help to make better people.

Sample past projects:

Mobile games – 60+ games (city-builders, RPGs, puzzle games, other)

 PC and console games – ~10 games (FPSs, tower defense, card games, other)

Other – AAA game walkthroughs

Awards :

The 1st place in the LocJAM 2016 (French), a global Video Game localization contest

Professional profile

Email: [email protected]