Aurelie Perrin

More than words

Video Game, Website, & App Localizer

Team role: Senior localizer, project lead
Native language: French
Home country: France


I’m an English to French translator, and also gamer, specialized in game localization. I’ve worked on various titles, including half a dozen of them coming from some of the biggest names out there.

I try to work on games I would enjoy playing:

Mainly, these are MMORPGs, RPGs, and MOBA. I’m a Formula 1 fan to the core (I used to write blog posts after every Sunday race for a year).

UI elements and background stories that appear in the in-game encyclopedias are my favorites.

In addition to games, I localize apps (Android, Windows Phone), websites, and WordPress themes and plugins.

My goal: Always make the best compromise between your needs and the gamers’ expectations

Team projects:

Shooty Troops – The Endless Arcade Shooter (a mobile game) – proofreader
Tilted – A Tale of Refraction (a mobile game) – proofreader
Yesterday (a puzzle game) – proofreader
Pavilion (a fourth-person adventure game for PS4) – project lead & localizer (+ store keywords SEO) LinkedIn Twitter Facebook page

Email: [email protected]

Recent blog posts:

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