That old adage:
Get one free,
when you buy…*

Translate your game with top-bracket specialists into 1 language on the house. Yes, as in free beer

* …at least 5 other languages, limited only to our capacity, not our generosity

Professional translation team
The Indie Localizers Team

Safer than freelancers,
More affordable than big guys

Fan translation won’t cut it for a serious game project.

One-off translators from job boards are a hit or miss.

And big companies eat the budget.

A specialist, customizable, and independent team is a better way—safer & indie-friendly.

Your Allies

When your game’s taking off nicely —  a steady rise from obscure realms of the unknown to the bright spotlight — and sees more downloads and fans than you’ve ever dreamed of, you are surely celebrating. 

But it is also the time to unlock the next level of your Game:

It is the time, much like a savior, to bring your game to distant lands and enlighten all their inhabitants who speak weird languages and are forced by Dark Babylon to forever live in darkness about your Game.

The only way to accomplish that mission is to teach your game those weird languages.

Luckily, there are mercenaries who’ll help you along the way (you want to ally with them) — they call themselves the IL Squad.

The IL Squad is:

A bunch of game players who by some magic spell localize professionally.

Seriously now: Many of them have a degree in Translation/Localization and worked on many large and small games
(Super Mario Galaxy 2, Hitman GO, Lara Croft Go, Blues and Bullets, Betrayer, Heroes of Order and Chaos, Showel Knight, Dungeon Hunter V)

mostly through game studios and publishers (Nintendo, EA) and localization companies (Synthesis, Keywords Studio), but also directly with devs.

But remember: They don’t localize just any video game out there. Instead, each squad member has a specialist focus on particular game genres.

Some games our team brought to players around the world

Localized into up to 15 languages


Some of us

16 languages, 3-5 game localizers per language
Click names to visit personal pages for bios and past projects

You’ll use our localization platform, free

We have a better alternative to copy/pasting and working in Excel or Word with no need to pay pricey subscription fees for localization platforms.

Get a free access to our TMS with such handy features as:

Team-wide communication
Open & direct collaboration
Screenshots & comments for any string, visible to all team
Set character limitations to avoid text overflow
Placeholder integrity checks
TMs & terminology

Devs can make use of these advanced features:

Integrations with CMSes and code repositories

Real-time sync when you commit changes or add new strings

Webhooks, API, and CLI client

*No credit card/sign-up required

Customize your team

Take out the guesswork

Browse team members by specialization, country, and language
Visit personal pages to see qualifications and projects
Pick those who are best-suited
And only then hand over your project

Customize now

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