Frequently Asked Questions

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About the team

What does "indie" in "Indie Localizers" mean?

We use “indie” as short for “independent,” it doesn’t mean we focus only on indie devs or games.

Do you do translation? What is localization? How different is it from translation?

Yes, we do. We do web and digital product localization which is a form of translation where the content is reworked and adapted to the target culture. Basically, when we talk about translation of any digital product or any other content that requires cultural adaptation, we say “localization.” And yes, localization is different: whereas in translation, we are not allowed to change things like names, objects, or stories, in localization we are even “required” to do so – for various reasons.

Even though localization is the right industry term, oftentimes, these two terms are used interchangeably. So when some companies or individuals say website or app “translation” in fact they are talking about website or app “localization.” In other words, what you want to get for your product is not translation but localization.

What languages do you support?

We work with 18 languages, all languages from here:

But whether we can localize your product depends on the nature of your content/project and the source and target languages. For example, from English we can translate into 17 languages:

French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish (ES and LA), Portuguese (PO and BR), Russian, Ukrainian, Korean, Chinese (T and S), Japanese, Polish, Romanian, and Greek.

But from, say, Japanese — only into English. It’s best to inquire about this directly.

What is your translation capacity?

As in most cases, your project will be handled by one translator (+ one proofreader), the average speed will be 2,000 words/day (add time for proofreading, if you’d like to order it). If you’d like to speed things up, we can arrange that multiple translators work on your project. We have 5-7 translators per language and subject matter (website/game/cryptocurrency). With average translator’s speed being 2,000 words/day, we can translate about 10-14 K/day (if necessary, add a proofreader: 10-14K/day).

With which gaming companies have you worked with?

Some client names that our team has worked with are published on our website’s main page and others you may see in the portfolio. Please note that even though as a young team, we can’t boast a long list of AAA names, our game translators have years of experience localizing games and worked with many great, well-known titles and studios/indie devs in their individual careers. So refer to our personal pages to see past experience or inquire via chat:

What is your setup/internal organization/structure?

We are a remote, self-organized team and we are not your typical translation agency, nor a traditional company for that matter. We have a democracy: All team members are generally equal and have voting rights. We have chosen a few members who are strategically located throughout Europe and the US (Aurelie, Maria, and Isabela) for client communication and administration. We call them admins. And Artem is the team’s owner/website designer/copywriter. Any team member can be a project lead given they have what it takes and especially if they’d found that client (to reward them for their efforts).

Financial and business

Do you offer any discounts? Do you have special offers?

Yes. Currently, we can localize your product (Steam, other) page or SM posts for free. (as an added service). Be sure to ask about it.

We offer only discounts on repetitions of full sentences or passages and Translation Memory (TM) discounts on 100% matches — you don’t have to pay for them. TMs are either your own or based on your previous projects with us.

What are your translation rates?

In our team, to simplify things, we have set rates per language, meaning we won’t give you rates from each individual French or Spanish translator but average rates for French and Spanish languages. We have calculated the min./med. rates per source word and they are very specific to our team. Whether we will quote you our min. or med. rates depend on the complexity of your project. Please chat with us and we’ll share the specific rates.

Note that we have extra services that you may order for a separate charge. See our pricing plans and premium features here:

Also, note that we have a minimum charge for small projects and it is $50/project (when your word count is smaller).

What is the deal about your localization platform?

To all our clients and based on availability, we offer free use of our localization platform with advanced features that are excellent for digital product localization. They ensure quality and streamline all localization process and communication. A regular license for this platform costs starting from $100/month.

No credit card info is needed, no commitment either, we would invite you by your email address and you would join our team in our localization space.

How will you invoice my project? Payment methods?

Two methods:

Method 1 (preferred): Separate invoicing where each member sends you their own invoice. Each freelancer’s local taxes apply.

Method 2: If the above method is not good for you, we will send you a single unified invoice. US business taxes apply.

Payments should be made within 2 weeks unless agreed otherwise.

With method 1: The funds should be transferred acc. to each freelancer’s preferred method. With method 2: to our common ILT PayPal account: [email protected] .com. Stripe/bank transfer options are available too.

Can you sign an NDA? How many people will need to sign NDAs?

Only the team owner will sign an NDA since all members have already signed our internal NDA. But let us know if one NDA is not enough, then every member working on your project won’t mind signing it.

Can you sign a contract? How many people will need to sign it?

Yes, only the team owner will need to sign a contract.

Working with us

Can I vet translators? Will they do an unpaid test?

Yes, you can vet team members. We can provide you with profiles/resumes and you can review qualifications and pick localizers you need.

We can also do an unpaid test, though some of us frown upon unpaid tests (spec), as they feel their extensive portfolios and many years of experience speak for themselves. But they’ll do a test for a reduced rate.

Who are your typical clients? Can you localize my site, game, app?

It depends on the genre/subject matter of your product:

Websites and web apps: Websites of tech startups, marketing agencies, financial/cryptocurrency companies, small businesses, professionals are all the types that we have experience with. Medical, manufacturing, and legal are not our forte, and it is unlikely we would take on such a job.

Video Games: We work with various genres, though not with all, so it’s best to tell us the genre and languages you need. Our usual gaming clients are indie devs and small dev companies/studios.

E-commerce/Online stores: We can translate descriptions of various products like fashion/clothing, digital/software products, electronics, please inquire.

How do you ensure translation consistency?

As a rule, your product will be localized by one translator only (for example, one for German, one for Japanese) to ensure consistency of style, terminology etc. But if you’d like to speed things up, more than one localizer per language is possible too, with the client’s agreement only. In this case, there should be a proofreading/editing stage to consolidate everything. Also, our localization platform has terminology feature which will help to maintain consistency, especially when there’s more than one localizer per language. And oftentimes, we use some chat, for example, a translator+proofreader pair may discuss how to best translate this or that term.

Can I choose translators/SEOs/testers for my project?

Yes, you may pick and vet linguists you want to work on your project. Since we are for transparency and trust, we offer our clients to pick members of the team who they think are best-suited for their project. Upon request, we can also send our resumes and translation samples — complete transparency and leverage for you.

How will we communicate during the project?

If you choose to work with us, you’ll be communicating with our project lead via any convenient channel (think email, Skype, Messenger, Slack, Telegram). We also have an option when the client can choose to communicate directly in their native language via a mediator, e.g. a Chinese client may speak in Chinese with a Chinese localizer. Yet the project lead can be French. Also, we will invite you or a designated person from your team/company to our localization platform to answer translators’ questions and discuss things.