english game tester

Gareth Smith

Video Game Tester
Other skills: Video Game Localizer/Proofreader
Native: English (UK)

I’ve been playing games long before I could tantalise my mother’s ears with coherent sentences. It was from that moment I developed a serious passion for the gaming industry and a personal love for fighting games, as well as point-and-click adventures.

I beta test for Sony through VMC (such PlayStation titles as That’s You, Far Cry 5
and For Honor) and looking to branch out to more projects.

I also have a BA (hons) Humanities, majoring in English Language and Creative Writing, which means I will be able to provide high-quality proofreading techniques to any project given.

I intend on making sure the player experience is at its best through all aspects of my duties, so hit me up and let me know which projects you need assistance with.
Thank you.

Contact: [email protected] 
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