Lindsey Gould

Video Game localizer & Academics translator

Native in English (Canada)
Localizes from Japanese


Hello, I’m Lindsey Gould and I’m a Japanese-English translator with a focus on indie video games and academic papers/articles. English is my native language, and I’ve spent my time between living in Canada and Japan.

My background is a B.A. in Japanese Language, and I graduated with a Certificate in Japanese Language and Literature from Doshisha University in Kyoto.


I have been a lead translator for a number of popular indie video games, and I am always excited to creatively translate new games and help bring them to the English speaking market.

I especially love translating dialectal dialogue from characters and coming up with fresh ways to ensure the original feeling of their words is conveyed in English.

I also have specialized knowledge of academic article and thesis abstract translations, in particular, health and environmental/social science topics.

I would love to provide an accurate and elegant translation to suit your needs,

so please contact us if you’d like to hear what I can do for you!


Email: [email protected]