Eamonn Singleton

Specializing in Video Games Localization & Testing, Transcreation

Native in English (Canada, USA)
Localizes from Chinese (Simplified)
Testing for the USA, Canada, China


I am a professional Chinese to English localization tester, translator, and proofreader, specializing in video games.

I have worked on over a dozen video game projects including Ark Park (Playstation VR) and Taichi Panda (iOS/Android).

MMOs, RPGs, and mobile games are my forte, and some of the games I have worked on have over 300,000 words of text.

I lived in China for over two years where I studied Chinese (Mandarin), passed the HSK5 Chinese proficiency exam, and worked as a localization specialist for Snail Games.

While games are my specialty, I also do localization for trailers, video subtitles, apps, and more.

Email: [email protected]