Elzemieke De Tiège

Dutch Transcreation Specialist

Specialization: Transcreation, Copywriting, Websites, Games, Apps
Languages: NL>EN, EN>NL, DE>NL, DE>EN


With ten years of experience in creating and translating copy for companies such as RR Donnelley, Kodak, and Sony Playstation, I’m what you call a seasoned writer. There’s nothing I love more than playing with words until it’s … just … right. 
With three languages under my belt and a fourth on the way, I’ve adapted content for English, Dutch, and German markets, and I’ve been known to moonlight as a QC’er as well.

My experience ranges from online media to journalism, to marketing copy, to technical instructions, to short stories. I’ve got a very flexible style which enables me to communicate a message in 300, as well as in 3000 words.

Also, I have years of experience working with financial copy such as quarterlies and fund updates (bonds & securities).

Above all, I’m professional and reliable, meaning that I will deliver. On time, or before.

Examples of past projects:

My experience is quite varied, which means that I can draw from many resources when it comes to translation. For example, I recently translated the summary of a court case between a legal body and a large media conglomerate. This particular text required a lot of reference material due to the complex terminology.

But, I also work on lighter texts, such as app copy (Wowwee, VSCO, sketch.io), interviews (World Press Photo), or website copy.

Other projects I’ve worked on include proposals to publishing houses, marketing copy for companies like 3M, H&M, and Starbucks, game content, and online journalism. I’m happy to provide samples upon request.