Graphic Resources

We used on our website

Custom visuals


Throughout the website, we used custom-made illustrations, icons, and pictures.

Our Pricing page features an illustration by our localizer and illustrator Yoshi Takenaka.


All the graphics on our website are original works based on the following open resources:


Cloud icon by Abraham from the Noun Project

Laptop icon by Franc from the Noun Project

Countries icons by Gerald Wildmoser from NP

Communication bubbles by Pham Thi Dieu Linh from NP

Users Insights icons from Freebiesbug

Flatflow Avatar Icons set designed by Anna Litviniuk:

Creative Fields Icon set was created by: under GraphicBurger License

Vimeo Player by Michael Reimer from

Computer illustrations, cloud icons, and most of the file type icons by Freepik and distributed by Flaticon

Providence website mock-up by Denis Shepovalov: Behance

Some free vector design by:

“P3: Sacrifice” illustration by numina-namine

“Guild Wars 2 Fan Art – [Crow] Guild WvWvW Group” illustration by SkavenZverov