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Bora Taşdemir

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Mobile App, Game, and Website Localizer
Native Language: Turkish


Let me elaBORAte your text to Turkey! 🙂
Who am I?

registered freelance translator based in Istanbul/Turkey

sworn translator with an approved notarial certificate

experienced apps/games/website and e-trading localizer with more than 7-year experience in business

I’m involved mainly in mobile games projects varying from Strategy and MRPG to FPS games. Moreover, I have also been translating some dating apps combined with web platform structure. Another branch I’ve been specializing in is e-trading, which also includes mobile and web platforms.

With the support of 8 years’ military education, I work extremely disciplined within specified working hours, providing my clients with 24/7 communication.

In order to have an idea on my translation technique, please take a moment to review my article TTT (Technical Translation Triangle).

Team projects:

EXMO.com website localization – localizer

LinkedIn / ProZ.com
Email: [email protected]