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Big companies eat the budget.

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Localization that works

How to get pro-quality localization for your product on a limited startup or indie budget?

The secret is a customizable, remote, self-organized, and self-managed localization team of top-bracket specialists—localizers, testers, and SEOs—each one with a clear specialization:

Localizers—on particular types of websites, stores or video games, SEOs and testers—on specific countries.

quality localization


Web App Localization German

Web App Localization Spanish

Web App Localization Russian

Web-App-Localization Japanese

Example of a web app localization into German, Spanish, Russian, & Japanese


Mobile App Localization German

APP Localization Italian

Web App Localization Spanish

APP Localization Russian

Web App Localization Japanese

Example of a mobile app localization into German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, & Japanese

Localization that saves

Work with the talent behind most successful translation companies but without the middlemen and added costs:

Save budget: No staff that drives the pricing up. Pay for services you need, not for someone’s salaries.

Save time and hassle: No more searching job boards and ending up with a wrong candidate.

quality localization

Localization married with SEO

Don’t make localization your final stop:

Today, taking your website or product global goes beyond localizing it.

We’ve teamed up with SEOs who’ll optimize your website for best ranking prior to localization, not after it. They’ll find the best keywords that our localizers will use, and over all, will make your product discoverable (it’s an extra service)

quality localization

website SEO optimized

website SEO optimized

website SEO optimized

Your website is among top hits in English, French, & Russian search engines

Localization platform, free

We offer a better alternative to copying/pasting and working in Excel or Word with no need to pay pricey subscription fees for localization platforms.

Get free access to our TMS with such handy features as:

Team-wide communication
Open & direct collaboration
Screenshots & comments for any string, visible to all team
Set character limitations to avoid text overflow
Placeholder integrity checks
TMs & terminology
*No credit card/sign-up required


Here are some of us

Indies by spirit. Professionals by trade
Click names to view experience and more


More translators, and also testers, devs, and SEOs
Sort and pick team members by specialization and language

The Indie Localizers Team helped Hello Bard bring the VR shooter Woeful Woebots reach several new regions thanks to their excellent skills in translation and localization. Working with them was very easy and a smooth process. I would definitively use them again for future projects!

Bard Hole Standal

Bard Hole Standal

Designer & Developer, Hello Bard Website

The ILT has been a pleasure to work with. They are professional, efficient and provide a quick turnaround. The communication with the team is second to none and they go the extra mile to ensure the translations are accurate. I’ll definitely be using them for any translation services in the future

Dave Evans

Dave Evans

Director & Developer, 804 Game Studios Website

Working with The Indie Localizers team has been quite the perfect experience one could hope : quick and effective, while having a good communication and asking details about every possible issue so that their translations are spot on. I'll most definitely work with them again whenever I need to

Tim Paez

Tim Paez

Developer, Absorb Reality Website

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